Invest With Color is an investment philosophy that hopes to change the mind-set that there is one way to make money in the stock market. What is the secret to making money in the stock market. A few things I won't promise you.

  • You will beat the market every year
  • You are guaranteed to make money
  • I'll give you the hottest stocks that will double in a few weeks

Anyone who promises this is lying to you because the market is impossible to predict with certainty. Educated guesses and research help you but no one is perfect at predictions (just look at your favorite analysts track records and predicting is their job function). Here is one statement that will put you ahead of 50% of investors (and maybe more).

Be patient and protect your money.

Be patient means you don't make rash decisions but make solid investments after critical research has been done. Protect your money may seem obvious but then explain why so many companies that make no money, have no prospects, continue to get investor love. If you are always cautious and value your money you will go a long way. Invest with Color looks at investing companies fundamentals without the media hype but look only at the company performance and predictions to where it is going. Some obvious but critical questions asked include:

  • How does the company make money?
  • What are the growth prospects?
  • How consistent are the dividend payouts?
  • Are they a market leader or a laggard?

These are some obvious questions that not enough people ask before investing in a company. A lot of headaches and lost income would be solved by asking the right questions, being patient, and protecting your money. Follow me and track the IWC Stock Portfolio performance. Hopefully this website will prove out my theories and refine my investing prowess.